Turkish-made steam battle Royale will take place in the game soon


Battle Royale type of the video game world has become undoubtedly the most rapidly evolving type of game. Epic Games and Chinese producers thanks to a great audience battle Royale for our country and also the games began slowly. G – Tech Workshop‘s developed by dark inside if you belong to type of battle Royale though, did not neglect to add horror elements into the job.

Turkish-made dark inside battle Royale game will be released soon

Developers, Dark inside sums up the gameplay this way,

Our game takes place in an abandoned town. 10 person multiplayer play as the objective of the game is to loot the abandoned town. Of course, the people of the town of self-the preservation of our town character used in cases of personal weapons to find and protect himself when he saw different people who came to plunder the spoils on behalf of his gun he could take over for the other side.

This mysterious game will be announced at the sale town character of our story where the principal reason is a very valuable antique sculpture. Into every neighborhood, near neighborhood of the town that hosts 2 5 players the game begins. We wish players who leave town if he can techizatlanma and looting of houses. Yes, you heard wrong. Any action, adventure, and war without, if they wish the town all the exit points from one of the remote 2 can leave. However, more loot for players who want to make surprises are waiting for us there. The game because there have been some robberies in a dark environment, and who understands that different people similar in character than that of the induced stress is there for a purpose directly affect the gameplay.