Turkish Artist of altınözü Movie, God of war drawing is great!


Yet a PlayStation 4‘e do not have to make console players who buy God of war, 20 April on the global market went on. Turkish subtitle support our country, we delight players Sony, the game is extremely satisfied with the Feedback. Closely connected to the games has become a classic such skilled players they don’t stop him from creating custom content to the game. His drawings of cartoonists and other artists jealous of our country that makes Geothermal Movie, new God of war , did not neglect to make a great drawing. Put side by side in the role of Kratos and his son atreus Geothermal, and pretty nice in the picture captures the theme of the game, we can say that the intended emotion.

The revealed God of war movie a perfect drawing of altınözü

Türk sanatçı Ertaç Altınöz'ün, God of War çizimi harika!

Dozens of the game to the series, and who made a special study of geothermal Movie, in addition to “game of Thrones” for his illustrations, thanks to an artist who has managed to bring the sound all over the world became. In the same way that the PlayStation Brand Exclusive to another game of His the last of us video game players for winning the affections of your drawing with drawing altınözü’s next movie to look forward to. Finally, the self artstation page here you can visit.

Türk sanatçı Ertaç Altınöz'ün, God of War çizimi harika!