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The players and developers closely in Turkey in Turkey, the Games, takes the stage again with a new event. A non-profit organization which is Amed, an organization that aims to increase knowledge and awareness of what is known as a dramatization. The second Dramatization of the World Federation of the officials who’s going to conference this year, the event will take place in the area of bahcesehir University was chosen as. Dramatization of the famous four global experts invited to the event in the video game industry the authorities will give information specific to the participants with beautiful presentations and the panels will hold.

Games Turkey, will perform a dramatization of the World Federation of the new

The morning session keynote speakers for the 5 workshops that will appear on stage at the event will be held beside other interesting panels in the afternoon. Service to the participants at the event, which will give you close to 20 this activity dramatization, the company will have the chance to experience at the booth and listening projects. Only 400 people need to purchase a ticket to enter the event to be attended. Biletino with Tr you can get event tickets.

In recent years, increasing in our country, it is not clear how the events of the game that is beneficial to the communities in our country, but to help the emerging video game culture, that’s for sure.

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