Turkey has achieved record revenue from domestic games!


The sector broke export records with each passing year, which this year, $ 1 billion export aims. Game developers Association of Turkey, according to data by 2016 compared to the previous year with a 25% increase $ 500 million in exports.

In Turkey the growing interest in games and new games and existing ones with the addition of this record is growing with each passing year. Turkish game developers in 2023 with a 2.5 $ 10 billion between the export destination, indicating that the Zeybekci, Turkey from many of the games from prestigious international competitions means that rotates with the awards.

In this context, Zeybekci, Ministry of economy, as the gaming and Software Industry says that they will continue their support. In his Chairman Ali TOGED, this interest in the international arena that would earn foreign exchange for the country have expressed that they are happy to make an activity.

Turkey’s Erkin that they would endeavour to increase its share of the global gaming market, the game development in our country in the field of the need for Human Resources indicate that it is increasing every day.

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