True if the list is leaked to the internet, Sony might show at E3 in 2018


Waiting eagerly for the world of the game, players can literally feast which became E3 2018 the countdown has begun. E3 is only a few days until 2018, plenty of rumors are circulating in cyberspace. Emitted in the virtual environment of an image of Sony’s E3 2018 was present at the press conference it was claimed that a list of games that will.

Visual circulating on the internet, Sony’s E3 list of games that introduce in 2018?

For both players and E3 2018, the company that develops the game, Sony and Microsoft for the company of technology giants, such as is of great importance. Surprise with the announcement of their show at E3 and the game companies are doing their best to bring sound.On the last day of Sony’s E3 list of games claimed to be 2018 at the press conference that will present a list of images on the internet began to circulate. What’s what in the list.

According to the list leaked to the internet, Sony E3, in 2018 the last of us Part II‘s gameplay trailer will release. The announcement of the highly anticipated new Splinter Cell game Splinter Cell the Apocalypse, will take place at Sony’s presentation. Highly anticipated games, Devil May Cry 5 and Shenmue 3and game footage than the future. Apart from these, the vanquish 2 and Resident Evil 2 like surprise, it is not yet known whether the list is correct, including games. If this list is true, Sony is preparing for E3 we can say that to 2018 to mark.

İnternete sızan liste doğruysa Sony, E3 2018'de şov yapabilir