Trap 19 Champions League FIFA E3 video was released


With new innovations every year a new FIFA 19‘s promotional video was released at E3 2018. EA play event which is issued in this promotional video, of course, the anticipated event took place, and it was announced that the license for the Champions League would be in the game. Moreover, this is the Champions League license, the game’s story mode will be reflected in announced.

2018 FIFA E3 video was released in 19

The Champions League license added to the game, the story mode will also be present. So Alex Hunter‘s story in Story Mode at the same time we will continue to we’ll be fighting in the Champions League. In addition to the story mode as Alex Hunter in the story of the last link.

One of the most important points to focus on realistic player about the game was the physics. Similar applications in previous games of the series, which has included EA SPORTS, FIFA UEFA Champions League along with 19 apparently, to make the game more realistic and will be back. In the cover image we see again in the main center of the game and C. Ronaldo. PC, PS4, Xbox one and the FIFA developed EA switch 19 in the video below, you can browse published in promotional press conference.