Total War: Three came from kingdoms cinematic showreel


Creative Assembly developed by SEGA in the year 2019, expected to be released by Total War a new game in the series Total War: Three Kingdoms cinematic exhibits and graphics for a promotional video was released.

In the game 14. century ‘romance of the Three Kingdoms’ effects

Of the games strategy game to come to mind first Total War of the series in 2019, which will come in the new game, Total War: Three Kingdoms for a cinematic trailer was released. The game Chinese author Luo Guanzhong’s 14. century epic romance of Three Kingdomspromises to provide players under the influence of a legendary war environment. The cinematic video is also published in one of the true rulers of China, who can think strategically and cunning CAO CAO designs include. Great conversations, breathtaking siege warfare on-site that will host a total war: Three Kingdomsin CAO CAO, for players who love the divide and rule system will be a good leader.

Also Total War: Three Kingdoms game enemies in scores of generals and wars with supernatural martial abilities alone can greatly affect tackles while also containing more land and the Total War series in accordance with a more authentic experience with the classic mode also in the game will take place.

You can find below a promotional video of the game.