Today released the new update for Far Cry 5


Ubisoft’S series the latest game in the popular Far Cry 5 a new update for today has been published. Various gameplay new update, includes bug fixes and crash.

The character creation menu is refreshing

With the new update that will be broadcast today Ubisoft, avatar customization the character creation process to be able to do again in the menu option brings. Various masks and special clothing with the Avatar customization menu also adds more content. Far Cry 5 The rest of the 1.5 update, brings a series of stability and performance of regulation. Some crashes problems in the game after the crash, the crash that occurs when the intervening stage of playing the game is requested to be aims to eliminate problems. Some errors that occur during physical interactions and gun at the same time, the vehicle doors after the re-corrected with the new update some players of examples that arise during the birth.

Update naturally certain tasks, failures of artificial intelligence in games, gameplay settings, and will include various fixes. Also multi-player enhancements, and minor bug fixes will include regulations on the formation map. UPLAY use the update after presenting in detail the changes you can check out and try.