To be held in Turkey the biggest CS:GO tournament postponed


E-sports scene, which is one of the remarkable organizations in the Pro Series BLASTaround the world a Counter-Strike tournament is preparing to bring to Istanbul. In the past year broke records for the best funny on TV and in the mainstream media for your event 6 international CS:GO team brokered a deal with. Pro Series ready to change the plan now because of the elections date I came to the blast state

BLAST Pro Series Istanbul, will be held on September 29, 2018

Ülker sports and event hallwhich will be held in moved to the new date of the event, after numerous meetings, REFRESH, Impact34 and gaming in Turkey on the side, officials, partners, venue, teams and their tournament calendars, and local support was carried out in close cooperation with representatives from publishers.

The way of the participating teams,ninjas in pyjamas Virtus astralis.ProSpace SoldiersKarar will be given – at the time of signature world-famous espor takimikarar will be given – a surprise and exciting for all the players when we came espor blast takimisona of the Pro Series, which will be held in Turkey, the biggest CS:GO tournament that will be we can say.