Time TRAVEL will be in the new Avengers movie?


First The Avengers: Infinity War are the ones to watch the movie still, news, details of Spoilers, so enjoy, I must say that it might be my runner.So everyone, just let our warning to our audience in advance. The Avengers: Infinity War many theories about the end of the movie The Ring and continue to keep coming. The most important of these the theory of time travel thing.

Ant-man and iron man go past?

This theory is actually at the same time, The Avengers‘new theories to arise for the ring is one of the most robust. history and theory actually goes till the month of January. Because some of the images you see below was published in the month of January. But these images of Infinity War‘it was clear that naturally doesn’t belong to strengthened the theory of going back to the past when we can say that.

4 The Avengers movie is the visuals, which are thought to belong to, looking at Iron Man, ant-man, Captain America, Hulk and even Loki characters like we see it. The most important point here is that most of the character in the first Avengers movie they look like that. So Infinity War‘also hair, a beard involved Captain America, in this image, New York City Waris at it looks like.

Here’s ant-man and iron man‘sequel, it was stated that are going in. This position is even a possibility for Captain marveljoined in. But I went back and changed some things doesn’t make any appeared to be a paradox?

Yeni Avengers filminde zamanda yolculuk mu olacak?

Built by the first members of the Avengers, what is the secret of the tattoo?

If backstage footage from the Battle of New York’belongs, na if ant-man‘s reinforces the theory of time travel is there. The only factor to accomplish that and, of course, move the time. This event will take place in a different way or how to obtain this stone, considering that paradox incident comes to mind. So, back to the future in a very simple manner, as described in the movie in the past, the changes will affect future events? Alternative emerging at the same time, Marvel cinematic universe,the first steps you will do? Or DC’s Flashpoint it’s gonna be crazy … like the story?

Another point that should be addressed in this regard “soul to soul” the word to focus on. Yet another theory to go back in time, but the first Avengers members and other members will be forced to sacrifice their own lives for humanity. So, a sort of “soul to soul” it can be said that will find its place in the discourse. I mention this because, and “never is not a sacrifice” took place between lyrics and catchy dialogues.

What do you guys think about this? I’m curious because honestly the infinity War‘s end and the resulting images interesting when considering the theory of the moment as one of the theories is most likely to happen.

Yeni Avengers filminde zamanda yolculuk mu olacak?

Yeni Avengers filminde zamanda yolculuk mu olacak?