Time-honoured game in front of us again: the Tetris Effect!


Last day of the SonyE3 game had announced they would make the announcement prior to 2018. The first announcements of this game was made. The first game announcement of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR game Tetris Effect.

The announcement came from Sony new game the Tetris Effect

Sony interactive entertainment, as promised prior to E3 to make the announcement of the game began. E3 2018 pre-announced the first PlayStation 4 game and PlayStation VR games of the Tetris Effect. Rez, Space Channel 5 designer tetsuya mizoguchi and the lumineers signed to play an announcement video was released with Tetris effect also known. Unreal Engine is the game made with the autumn months, expected to exit for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR. According to the information shared from the official website of the Tetris Effect, Tetris Tetris classic game inspired by the effect created. You’re patiently a long rod tetri we expect the new era to keep pace with a running version of Tetris that looks like the effect especially the lighting effects looks nice. The Tetris Effect in 2018 E3, the Sony PlayStation 4 will be playable in the field. This announcement from Sony, not build expectations too much about the games that will be announced prior to E3? We’ll have to wait and see.