Three new game at E3 Sony will make an announcement before the conference in 2018


E3 2018 is now at the door. Perhaps the most exciting moments of the year, which causes players to live the conference prior to E3, Sony said it would make a new game announcement 3.

Prior to 2018, Sony E3, new game announcement will make three

Sony’s E3 games conference at the unveiling was leaked to the internet in the past week. Although the accuracy of the list are discussed, together with Sony’s E3 fair in 2018 at the ghost of Tsushima, Part 2 The last of us and Stranding Death unveiling now as games are finalized. Prior to the fair from Sony at E3 2018, the players will increase the excitement of an announcement that came. According to a statement by Sony, some PlayStation E3 conference to make an announcement prior to the game three new VR 2018. Sony’s E3 conference schedule for 2018 in advance of the announcement said;

* Wednesday 6 June: announcement of a new PlayStation 4 game (PlayStation VR supported)

* Thursday, June 7: under the umbrella of a new game announcement from ps stuido worldwide

* Friday, June 8: a new PlayStation 4 game

* Saturday, June 9: a new game playstationvr

* Sunday 10 June: Expected a game comes PlayStation VR

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