This year’s E3 2018 at the fair Hunt: we may not meet With the showdown


E3 2018 Fair approaching, we are all increasing the dosage of excitement. While we wait eagerly for the games we will see this year, our preparations are also in full swing. Many producers, publishers with the company will be an influx of journalists at the event, Los Angeles Convention Center between the dates of June 12-15will be held. Of course, last year’s Origins, Assassin’s Creed, Beyond good & evil 2, and shadow of the Colossus Hunt: games like the showdown was characterised.

“Two hunters in risking everything
And evil in an offhand way expected
The hunter becomes the prey”

One of the most important productions at the fair last year, we saw the Crytek in the company Hunt: Showdown‘I was. The ongoing construction at the Fair this year to see a game while we wait for E3 to see the participants from the website we wanted. Unfortunately for the company, Crytek. In accordance with information received from the company on this (the official release) does not regret that the company wouldn’t be at this year’s event we saw. Likely to gain full clarity on the situation yet Hunt: we’ll have to wait for the showdown next year. Our only fear Hunt: Horrors of the gilded Age‘suffers the fate.