This time we are travelling into the realm of the fantastic with Dopey


Dopey years later, preparing to start again on the silver screen once again. For the first time, shared a promotional trailer dopey story, which is embellished with fantastic elements.

After 40 years of dopey, re-appear as a movie

Especially Turkish and Altay mythology, often mentioned balding Dopey a fairy tale character was created to represent the people with good and bad sides. While being good always in the forefront I managed to make people laugh, is an intelligent and practical character Dopey. After 40 years, re-keloğlan in front of us to revive the character in the movie this time chief Dr atilla Türkyılmaz . Fell in love with her that we cank in the role of the new movie in the rain Un‘u we will follow.

Dopey Dopey as I used to seeing Asians inherit the flag from Rustu the promotional trailer that you can see how Attila’s little that you can browse below. Written by Ergün Özdemir Ferhat Mert scenario was ruled by. The animation of the animals in the film as we get to watch. Asuman Dabak, Kaya Akkaya, Jacob Fry, Esvet şahin and inroads in life, too the release date of the movie we watch is not yet clear.