This time the valuables into infected pubg gambling sites


Battle Royale game mode of the pioneers of the playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, we are able to cater to millions of players. However, after the growth of the game, the game became stronger as more of the costume items used. As foretold Battlegrounds playerunknown’s costumes, has become a tool for online gambling sites. In response to this PUBG Corp. developers of this stuff on the site that forbade the swap to be done.

PUBG it will be impossible to use the costumes now on online gambling sites

For those who don’t know, these items free of charge any gambling site when you give the value of the goods as gambling sites betting site gives you money and lets you play games in style. So, can rise more than the prices of costumes. Even some of the players, some sites these costumes has turned to the Black Market. Gambling site owner contacts stoklayan costumes, costumes ordinary players they can sell for more.

A similar situation the past decade CS:GO‘s It has happened. Gambling sites war, so that opens the valve, caused the closure of hundreds of gambling site. Let’s PUBG Corp. this style Valve is going to sue officials of the same, as does gambling sites? Together we will see.