This time I was able to design the artificial intelligence for the game doom section


Undoubtedly, advances in Artificial Intelligence Technology excites all of us. Adding day and night to make life easier for people, software engineers , Google, Facebook or Amazon, we are faced with various innovations under the umbrella. However, a group of Engineers is very different upcoming events. Cornell University, using artificial intelligence, DOOM succeeded in designing the sections. The original doom game designing section for artificial intelligence, topography, depth to designs was able to gain even section Using. So, the design department of artificial intelligence, we can deduce from this that didn’t draw only on paper.

Artificial intelligence, designed the Department of Doom

Very playable this chapter it has been noted that the design has been tested by the students. Generative Adversarial Networks, using technology manufactured Designs This chapter in this way, completely independent of each other. On the other hand, this section places the objects in a good part of the future of artificial intelligence is expected to be used for many other purposes.

Maybe only in the later stages we’ll get the chance to play a game out of the hands of artificial intelligence. Also, the level design in such games is more important than you might think, we should note that.