This time Assassin’s Creed was a passenger in the Second World War


The most famous of the video game world in a short time, and that makes the most money, which is one of the game series Assassin’s Creed, finally Assassin’s Creed: Origins it was in front of the players. Over the years quite a large universe, who designed the game series for Ubisoft developers, the main games Assassin’s Creed Series except for the side games, two feature films, animations, books, and restocked with comic books. However, the new Assassin’s Creed comic book, some players got too excited. If you are closely following the Assassin’s Creed series, even in Japan most of the fans or the game once the Second World War,you may know that you wanted to go in.

Assassin’s Creed the Second World War, was a guest.

Titan Comics heed the call by giving the new Assassin’s Creed comics carried the story of the Second World War. Eddie Gorm of an assassin named that performs the actions of the subject area during the Second World War comic book series is quite popular. Titan Comics more in pre Wolfenstein and Bloodborne for games like comics did, and had won the hearts of players. Who knows, maybe in the later stages the Second World War we can see in the last Assassin’s Creed game.

Assassin's Creed bu sefer İkinci Dünya Savaşı yolcusu oldu