Thieves when it will be released the first major update of the sea?


Thanks to the pirate theme, the players that attracts the attention of Thieves Sea oflost players since the day it came quickly, although they want to win back players who left the game developers. The promise that it would constantly update the game so the developers who made the game’s first major update will release soon. 29 May on deep hungering major update that will be presented to the players by the Rare team, thanks to this update, the content would be added to dozens of hours into the game, he said.

The first major update of the sea has been announced thieves

The great sea monsters that will add to the game’s deep hungering update it was announced that this would be a special story. Rare the story of the team has failed to take any action at about this time. In this case, the players not killing the excitement of the Live Update attribute. Xbox One and Windows 10 is installed on the PC‘s in the game is also cross-platform support, we should note that has. The game sold over a monthly Game Pass for $ 30 by paying able to play in the case.

Nice to play with your friends in a co – op game if you are looking for, your medicine may be the thieves of the sea.