Thieves of the sea were issued a new update for


Thieves of the sea, for the first time at E3 2015when it is shown in by the players quite liked it. Especially with friends, sail the vast seas, the treasure to pursue, piracy and try to run the ships together, the game was quite exciting time. However, after you exit the game, this is great didn’t meet expectations. The players, it is united in the direction of the sea thieves seems quite empty of content. However, the developer company, Rarein the coming months, along with future updates to the game content and would prosper, he says. Content not just, about the bugs in the game players ‘ there were no complaints. Rare complaints of the players will be evaluated, and has issued a new patch to the game.

Now it won’t fly the ships in the sky

This new with the patch (1.0.5) was transferred to where there was an attempt to remove the bugs in the game. Size 1.36 GB along with a price on being the spawn of a skeleton with the patch, it was stated that problem has been fixed. The players Hideout the pirateships sank in behind the bar, jamming with the problem when they fixed the issues that fly to the sky.

Updates on new and quite extensive rare are known to work. New content update for the deep hungering‘s expected to come out next month.