Thieves from the sea, Rare on behalf it’s an unexpected success


Xbox One platform that is one of the best games of the sea Thieves, Rare‘s has become the fastest selling game. When developing a game for hard core gamers the rare team over long periods, years later, with the thieves of the sea was in front of the players. Previously Xbox 360 for Kinect games Studio that develops experienced, from the sales of the game is satisfied. We left behind the month of March gave hope to the sea of course I managed to sell this good in Microsoft thieves. Because the company against more players co – op game wants to go out with. The games are co – op based company, in this way, only one person selling the game, instead of sells directly with a group of friends.

Thieves of the sea, has become the best-selling game of rare

The way to the best-selling games in the month of March is:

1)Far Cry 5
2)Monster Hunter: World
3)Dragon Ball: Fighterz
4)Call Of Duty: WWII
5)Grand Theft Auto V
6)NBA 2K18
7)Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
8)Of The Sea Thieves
9)18 MLB: the show
10)Mario Kart 8