These graphs say is real E3 trailer!

E3 2018 games in front of you all!

E3 2018 games in front of you all! EA Games, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and PlayStation announced by companies such as the newest games in this article. “E3 came what in 2018?” the answer to the question is here!

The cinematic trailer opened with a video of Ellie’s story. We can see this starting to form a community of people in the scene Dec. Apart from that, we have a main character now approaching their 20’s. Dancing with a friend Ellie is in peace when suddenly the scene changes and gameplay section before we move.

This time Joel and Ellie have to do everything alone with us. Naughty Dog have developed by a highly dynamic gameplay I can say that. Privacy , which started with the game action escape action is constant between turning and Ellie comes and goes as moments of privacy.

The game world is much more dark and creepy appearing of the game that would be in 2019, we’re guessing, although a Release date hasn’t been set yet. From the trailer below, the game is awesome screenshots in the gallery section on the upper side is available.

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