There’s a new gameplay video of World War z zombie in the rain


World War z The Movie the ring while waiting for a game of the same name, made an announcement in the month of last December and was notified in the future. At the awards ceremony a short video that confronts us with the video game World War Z for more new gameplay video published. In this video zombie boy and the rain.

World War z released a new video for the game

Yet still we don’t have very clear information about World War Z‘s gameplay looking at the video, just like in the movie flocking we are faced with a zombie attack. In this new video posted that we would meet at least with zombies running as fast as we see in the movie. Includes open areas, except underground or in confined spaces as the playing field. It remains unclear if it will be how they progress.

Co-op gameplay we ask you to adopt a style like World War Z‘s new video seems quite satisfactory in the sense of action. Of course, what would you bring to the game outside of the action parts that will have a video posted about the new features and what we can’t see an expression on. Probably E3 at the Expo one more time we’ll face in the new video of the game below that you can browse.