There is stupid players in video games toolboxlar


Thoroughly flamed over the past year since the end of the loot box still in debate point not to put any institution. Hawaii is declared as, in some countries the gambling tables, if they continue this type of content developers to integrate into games. If this is the situation in the world-famous video game analyst Michael Patcher is found in quite a tough approach. Notebooks with the idea that players are stupid Patcher, “obtaining thousands of dollars through micro payments for content gives players very difficult, and they don’t pay the same money directly to that content.” is found in the discourse. Actually, we can find a way to justify itself. For example, CS:GO, a knife in thousands of dollars, instead of giving players hundreds of thousands of dollars they spend to open boxes.

Toolboxlar will be banned?

Also, Hawaii‘s legislative organs toolboxlar about decisions he made about insulting Patcher‘s these approaches drew a huge response from the internet. When we got to the end, we’re wondering how the notebooks in the coming days in the video game world. Let’s developers, micro payments can be seen as gambling in addition to the contents in our faces again?