There are discounts on Square Enix’s own website


Which is a common tradition in Japan is “Golden week” (i.e. Golden week), it works like Black Friday in America. The last week of the month of April and the first week of the month of May last Golden week between most games, program, materials, clothing and daily life, everything goes on sale. Like most Japanese companies, Square Enix also put on sale the Golden week by a few games.

Discounts are available on the internet site of the square

In the beginning Steam or humble bundle discounts on sites like that we think is, in fact, Square Enix’s own site. You could download the games directly from the site as specified, some games through steam is being activated. So that kind of give you the amount shall be given to the makers of the game directly. 10 May which will last until the date discounts, a lot of Square Enix all right, a 50% discount. The prices of some games are as follows:

Final Fantasy III – 7.99$ (30TL)
Final Fantasy V – 7.99$ (30TL)
Final Fantasy VI – 7.99$ (30TL)
Final Fantasy VII – 5.99$ (24TL)
Final Fantasy VIII – 5.99$ (24TL)
Final Fantasy IX – 10.49$ (40TL)
Final Fantasy x/x-2 Remastered – 14.99$ (60)
Dragon Quest Heroes ii: the Explorer’s Edition
– 29.99$ (120TL)

Square Enix’s website can be found here, and you can browse discounts on other games.