The Xbox one version continues to creep in places pubg


In 2017 a battle Royale type emitting millions of players playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, PC platform next Xbox One came out for mobile platforms. However, in the form of early access to Xbox one console only on the side the side the difficulties of the successful construction still has not ended. According to feedback from players, especially the game of Miramar named the desert map in the console almost impossible to play properly. Errors that occur, as well as fps drops constantly from the beginning of the players, the players are enraged.

Pubg Xbox One version somehow could not be fixed

Falling like this but only of the problems of fps on the Xbox one and the Xbox One‘s in the model, we should note that there has been plain. So the Xbox One X + ‘S powerful hardware, can prevent this kind of problems. But PUBG Corp. developers they say that they will work on this. Leaving behind the developers of this kind of optimization problems on the PC side, the console version of the game probably will show the same effort.

On the other hand, the game’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch‘e when. Prediction for next year, thinking that the PlayStation 4 will come out of the game.