The world of Monster Hunter sales, with Capcom, he saved the team


Capcom, which ended on March 31st 2017 fiscal year-end results were announced and it looks like Capcom over the past year most of the monster Hunter worldincome achieved. According to the statement, world of Monster Hunter, Capcom’s highest level you have achieved profitability in the history of the company. Also, monster hunter is the world‘s cargo shipments at the level of 7.9 million as of March 31, shared results from the end of the year, while Capcom’s other game Resident Evil 7 Biohazard at the level of 5.1 million sales are updated.

It was the most profitable game Capcom monster hunter the world has ever

Associated Press Release contained a breakdown of the company’s achievements over the years. Monster Hunter Worldthe financial performance of the Publisher only “contributed significantly”, at the same time, Capcom’s brought international recognition that drives global operations.

The monster Hunter world right now, only out for the console sales are expected to increase in this in the future. Moreover, only a game with such high sales figures in the console also the fact that you have the sale right now is amazing. The game, which is on sale for consoles in the month of January, we’re in to computers at the end of the year will come.