The wingman aircraft war game Kickstarter project input into the process


RB-D2, developed by Ace Combat, inspired by game of war the aircraft of the wingman project is being developed with Unreal Engine 4. A lot more games that we can’t see the plane war games type of project, which aims to bring new life to the wingman, the Kickstarter process. Kickstarter Project for a new gameplay video was released from wingman pending support from the players.

The wingman aircraft Project will be a breath of fresh air to the war games?

RB-D2 arcade game developed using Unreal Engine 4 by the engine for the PC platform with the wingman project, as of the last day of the Kickstarter process. Production company Project with the wingman action packed gameplay promises. According to the company producer’s statement, the players different and exotic to organize attacks against military bases on a battlefield, will be able to enter into a dogfight with enemy aircraft. Players, oceans, deserts, many different forests, such as flight maps, will be able to destroy their weapons of Defense. Producer for players who want to try out the game by downloading the demo you can test the project on the site of the company wingman. 10 weapons include 3 playable demo aircraft and a single task. The gameplay in the video below, you can browse wingman Project.