The Walking Dead’s new character overkill video came from


In recent months overkill The Walking Dead’sfirst playable character who is Aidan‘s announcement is yet another video was made. In the past week, the developer company, Overkill Software, the game ‘s second playable character which is Maya,‘a video introduced with gamers again. As of the last day Overkill: The Walking Dead’s third playable character who is Grant was introduced to gamers.

Came across a great video overkill’s walking dead game

Overkill’s the first video of the walking dead looks impressive

The Walking Dead’s third playable character overkill came to grant’s promotional video

The third character in the character which the grant is published we take a look at the video game. Still quite impressive that appears from the video as far as we understand, there is a slight problem with alcohol grant. Apparently he carries on his back in Grant’s specialty is sniper . In the past, some with serious injuries Grant, a zombie riding in the same car with and never look back, he doesn’t. Dark humor, too, we can see that is has quite an interesting character, to grant that I can say that. Let’s get these three characters different from each other, the Overkill: the dynamics of influence on how the gameplay will be the walking dead. You can watch the video below published.