The video was released The Walking Dead’s new character overkill


Overkill Software, Starbreeze studios and 505 games developed in partnership with overkill’s The Walking Dead‘the fourth character is Heather , a promotional video was released of the characters in the story. The video posted in Heather’s “backpack” for the struggle we are witness to.

The video was released The Walking Dead character of the story of Heather’s overkill

Four-person co-opfirst-person perspective action game’s the walking overkill deaad the fourth and final playable character, Heather the story of a character for a promotional video was released. Looking for supplies at a supermarket, which was posted in the video we see the character of Heather. Heather in the backpack attack and the trouble of filling a group of people tries to steal his food. As we can see from the video, who is quite tough Heather, the rights of the other wounds one of the attackers, while the third is dealt face up and the bag by the character of his gasp. However, it’s not like Heather will give up. We understand from the video overkill’s The Walking Dead only the source of danger in the world of the zombies it won’t be.

Each of four playable characters in the walking dead’s overkill will have different abilities and skill trees. The team of the game ‘s The Walking Dead will be in the very Forefront overkill, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, I predict will be in the autumn months.