The update is published to the players at the end of April wreckfest


In time “Next Wed Game” known by the name of Wreckfest, the filmmakers considered as one of the rare games that managed to keep their promise. 2013 is the year of Kickstarter‘next Wed The name of the game under this project, which started from the experience and impact players based on the laws of Physics more emphasis on Real Racing, a racing game experience more fun. The producer who managed to collect enough donations Bugbear wreckfest the project and carried out the name change gradually, the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms has been released. Currently supported players in April of the same update a few days ago were presented.

Update, the advent of artificial intelligence, at the same time, according to the state of artificial intelligence pick up the vehicle, depending on the situation sour or respond to him in which it was developed. One of the key points brought to the floor of runways and runways work was developed. Bugbear, the players also mentioned the problems arising from the interface and constantly update over the month of April has come to noise. Another important development was increased to a large degree can be added to the tools or replacement parts.

If wreckfest if you have already downloaded the update and you need to have to broadcast. With recent updates to improve the game promised on behalf of no other. If you want to see how a game wreckfest, or “what did you say The type of Racing it was!” if you say the steam page can be found here, and you can look at the game.