The upcoming update will be pretty big PUBG


PUBG 12. Update, new map selection menu, Miramar map the developments in Mirador called a new tool will fix the errors will include a new weapon and for various. This major update also, in order to concentrate on weapon balance changes on the test server will remain for a long time.

The new update on the test server will stay for a long time

The studio said in a statement on the test server indicated that they would perform than the normal changes to be made in a long time. Thus, by listening to the players before the release of the update, according to recycling changes would be made, for this reason, we want players to share their ideas.

Other goals in the studio last week, some prominent players in the game of reducing the dominance of weapons to fight with the weapons they want and they intended to remain free, he said. To do this, pistols, SMG’s and LMG’s are being developed. Shotguns, automatic rifles, and DMRare trying to balance by reducing the effect of.

Mirador called the vehicle, Miramar map tool will be a classic. Although the van is extremely robust, off-road areas have been slow and ineffective. The truck off-road areas a great job in removing Mirador the dust will blow with the speed of the road.

Also patch, SKS7.62 mm is more effective than a stroke that performs a DMR with an SLR by the name of a new weapon included in the game.Map map now you are able to choose one or more selection on the menu. While this option is active, the game will take you to one of the show Angel sooner or Miramar. In the same way when the new map comes will continue.