The two armies would take the place of Battlefield 5, It was announced that in the first place


Battlefield 5would be it was announced that the armies which are in the first place. EA, Battlefield V 2. World War IIwants to take you on a real journey.

V, which will be held by the army in the battlefield.

Battlefield 5 EA continues to share new knowledge. “It’s just a new space, instead of showing the gameplay and draw you into this epic conflict, we want to change; just like during the war tactics and weapons have changed. The whole of this journey tides of war it’s called, and this starts with your travel company” they were trying to. 5 Battlefield‘s new details about the game mode and the game in the first place, it was announced that would take the place of the armies of the countries which are.

“Each of the Parties on one personalized Company (Company), you can create. In each of these sections a certain number of soldiers, vehicles, and aircraft. Multiplayer’the game, the first two of the German and British armies, you will be able to play with. Along with the expansion pack which will probably come later in the game will increase the number of the army. EA had previously announced that the game was removed for the premium pass, therefore, the content that can be accessed free of charge will come into play. EA is thinking of selling with money on cosmetic products.

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