The trickster was fined 10 thousand dollars Overwatch


Earlier this year the South Korean government hacker 13 announced that they have arrested. Seoul National Cyber Security Department and the government, one of 13 people arrested for the crime if it continues , will be sentenced to jail. Other hackers with 10 thousand dollars was fined.

The trickster on the eyes of the government

In time we all did the trick. Especially GTA games, tank cars down from the sky and the pleasure of going through, was priceless. However, this trick was a loss to someone else outside of the NPCs in the game. Especially with the spread of online games, don’t cheat, and innocent fun turned out to be a different size or has reached. Squeezing the pickle juice trick people into online gaming much easier to achieve than it used to be. Indeed, now some hacker groups spend working cheat online games to write, and in this way they make money. The eyes of the government, developing programs and selling more cheating and to be cheated, and who are all these hacker groups make money this way. How much these penalties is a deterrent, but as the game industry grows, new regulations of the proliferation of deterrent penalties will be inevitable.