The tree of Ahlat who triumph in Cannes movie trailer released


Our country ever produced, who is one of the distinguished Directors Nuri bilge ceylan‘s new movie The Tree of Ahlat‘trailer released. 2014 Winter sleep‘nu pulled out a Golden Palm award‘was won by nu. Thanks to the new film, the Cannes Film Festivalto participate in, from Nuri bilge ceylan, 3 hours, 8 minutes, the abbreviation for the film festival were asked; however, this decision had a negative response to the experienced Director. But at the end of the film, the audience that attracts a large degree of Pear Tree, received a standing ovation for several minutes.

Ahlat published the trailer for the tree

They then waited with great excitement the trailer of the film The film and the audience. Producer team of the movie released the trailer for waiting for the last day. When you’re watching the trailer, Nuri bilge ceylan‘s unique style of Again the tree of Ahlat, you can see that reflected. The colors and the realism of the scenes in the film thanks to a RAID environment, offering the audience Nuri bilge ceylan’s new film will be released on June 1. According to Hurriyet, the subject of the film follows

I finished University and is returning back to his hometown in Sinan 20s, looking for a sponsor to be able to print the book and the family is facing issues with people he knows and a period again. Most of these encounters that are included with past accounting basically ends with a confrontation with Sinan himself. Successful performance of ahlat demirkol east of the peak with the tree, using plenty of humor especially in the first half. Teacher, writer, Soldier, Imam, Builder who drew a large portrait of contemporary Turkey through the movie and characters such as grandpa, father and sons of three generations, a power struggle between, in essence, is working to demonstrate just how similar they are in front of you.