The trailblazers got a new racing game has released gameplay footage


Producer, Super gonki Games‘undertaken in this fun racing game for the Trailblazers, it was announced in the month of February last. PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2018, which is expected to go in the game, a new video for came.

Trailblazers co-op can be played

The logic is a bit different racing games, the trailblazers got the goal just would not reach the finish line. As we can see from the video posted, it will be important to help our teammates in the game. From the vehicles we use on the road, chipped paint, when you follow a line on the floor. by using the following line teammates, this can improve the speed. Of course, if you paint your shed, your opponent’s speed will slow down. There will be different features of the tool to be found in the game. Trailblazers, both local and multi-player can be played with connection and the game screen into two, the separation property will be. Of the game in multi-player struggles in addition to the story mode . Fun mechanics in the stands got the trailblazers runways quite attractive with paint, and the team improve the speed of your opponent, the game promises to be very important to win the fight. We painted it navy blue and got the trailblazers on the slopes, you can browse to a video that contains gameplay footage below.