The Tomb Raider will be Xbox One 60 fps 4K X shadow


Announced last week, the shadow of Tomb Raiderfrom new information continues to come. There are many question marks in the minds of the players about the new game. Well, the highly-anticipated game consoles, what will it look like? The answer to this question Eidos Canada‘s head David Anfossi answers.

The Tomb Raider will be Xbox One 60 fps 4K X shadow

The game was optimized to work on all platforms and make it look good. However, the shadow of the Tom Raider Xbox One X version in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second support . X version of the game Xbox one, new lighting, and will use coating system. This new graphics system the game along with the Xbox One X is much better and it will look impressive.

The shadow of the Tomb Raider Pc, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for September 14′will meet also with gamers. Those who pre-order the game will be able to access the game two days earlier. Lara Croft‘s new adventure, except for the side stories will have a duration between 13 and 15 hours.

It will take a few hours to finish the new Tomb Raider from start to finish?