The third level of the helmet there is a significant change in pubg


Battle Royale of the precursor of the type playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite is in a state entered with the victorious in the race fell at a time when on the losing side. Because of that, PUBG‘s developers began to update the game more quickly. The team who brought the game to new events and costumes developer gameplay it looks like it will accelerate changes on the side next to them. In line with this according to new information that is described in the game, the third level of the helmet is no longer on the playing field will be found. Team this helmet producer said were important, and this helmet is no longer red stuff coming out of the box would be dropped from the plane of said.

Pubg the helmet is no longer on the playing field of third level more difficult to find

When you have the stuff that makes me feel quite safe during the game, there’s no denying that snipers makes their job more difficult. You can die instantly when you’re hit your head in the game. However, this helmet can give you a second chance. So with this movement in the third level of the Developer Team might have wanted to draw attention on the importance of helmets.

Players responsive to this situation, although, in later stages, we can guess that this decision would make the game more balanced.