The theme park opened in China amazed by those who see that giant VR


Virtual reality glasses it is a fact that our lives have begun to take step by step. Virtual reality technology has created huge changes in the game world we haven’t seen yet as predicted, but, especially in the entertainment industry, Vr goggles , we can see that it is used in an active way. An example of this situation from China came. China’s Guizhou city in a giant virtual reality theme park opening made.

An alternative to the amusement parks

35 different amusement park that can be made of the effectiveness of virtual reality science fiction Oriental Valley’like giant transformers robot, greets visitors. This robot is 53 feet in length and 700 tonnes in weight. Virtual reality glasses are used in the park where the roller coaster, fear, tunnels, raised the admiration of our visitors. In the future, that resembled the set of a science fiction film almost last giant amusement park with the technology of both the Chinese people and China’s support to enable tourism to be nested to have been built was transferred.

Although not a huge impact on the gaming industry, virtual reality goggles, in the field of science, is being used in many different fields, including in the defense industry and Space Research. You can browse the news in the video below