The tennis World Tour release date has been announced on Steam on the platform


Breakpoint tennis is a simulation game which developed by New World Tour Tennis, June 12 on Steam will take place on.

30 of the world’s greatest tennis players is taking part in the game

Publisher bigben interactive, the Breakpoint’s new Tennis Tennis simulation game has announced the release date of the World Tour. According to a press release the game’s PC version on Steam on June 12 can be obtained. In addition, the developer, the Feedback of the players, considering updates and improvements in this direction would do, he added.

World Tour tennis game, Roger Federer, Angelique Kerber and Stan Wawrinka like 30 incorporates a professional tennis player. Rendered with realistic animations thanks to motion capture technology, to learn all the strokes used in modern tennis makes it easy for you. In the game hard, clay, grass,carpet, and flooring and is formed from 18 kinds of surfaces, such as conditions of play affecting the court room.

Also a World Tour Tennis player in the game just like the pros and create your own training, tournaments, team building, team management, career mode that allows you to experience features such as features. Here to be the best player in the world, you need to determine your style of play and your tactics the best way.