The team won the championship tournament at Dreamhack 2018 Austin


100 thousand dollars prize pool in the world, with all the CS:GO team attracted the attention of Austin DreamHack tournament ended last night. 1 – 3 June between the dates of the tournament the only team to participate in our country’s ongoing space, the soldiers won. Space soldiers disappoint their fans for a long time, thus we can say that nice has made a comeback. Successful groups of the space Soldiers, the heroic team in the semifinals 2-0, name, he made it to the finals. In the finals, Rogue faced with a team of space Soldiers, in his first game 16 – 8% passed with a score, although in the second match 16 – 5 lost. However, experienced team who put everything in the final fight, I managed to be first with a superior performance.

Space soldiers was the Champ

?? ?? @En space soldiers ?? ??

— DreamHack Counter-Strike (@Dreamhack CS GO) 4 June 2018

In the old days, a crisis team because of “scattered space soldiers” , there had been rumors of. However, the team again proved himself around the world, there was talk of. The world’s best Counter Strike teams in between the space soldiers, let’s see what will achieve the following times?

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