The switch was determined the release date for Wolfenstein II Nintendo


The switch to Nintendo‘s game library is increasing every day. In recent months, in 2016 the year of Doom‘u Nintendo Bethesda managed to adapt to the switch, now’s the time II Wolfenstein: the new Colossus that was in he stated. PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms new Wolfenstein II‘s Nintendo, you have to wonder if the switch will work.

30FPS will remain the standard?

Doom, Nintendo is adopted for the switch, while 30FPSwill remain at that it was noted by Bethesda. Switch the parts that have, unfortunately, to reach pieces of a PC or PS4 Bethesda, do your best and will offer you almost the same experience in a way that was tailored to the players. It is unknown whether the same situation is in question again. Still “Wolfenstein II play anywhere!” derivatives Association, the players ‘ works to grab attention.

On June 29, 2018 which will be removed on the switch platform Nintendo II Wolfenstein: the new Colossus by Bethesda also uploaded to YouTube a trailer for the special. From below you can watch the trailer exclusive.