The switch unit is sold without the dock Nintendo in Japan


Nintendo, in Japan , the switch to thedock” unit without began to sell. Switch set the unit name in the package is sold with the Nintendo 2nd, Nintendo Switch and insert it to a TV that allows you to connect a dock. This new in the package only Switch the left and right of the tablet, the Nintendo JoyCon controller and connection straps in the lobby.

New Nintendo package is sold without the dock switch

March 3, 2017 departing on the Nintendo Switch console stands out as a gradually increasing popularity. Output in the period, especially Zelda: Breath of the Wild with distinguished, although possessing a lot of games for the console output period, and later to the console, the games library continues to develop. The console will be officially available in our country, which actually consists of two parts. Console tablet allows you to connect this tablet to a screen part and at the same time, the charge also which dock the unit. Especially the switch just a Nintendo portable as players who use this dock , do not use the unit. Nintendo in Japan Nintendo in a new package that will sell the switch the dock without, at a lower price will sell. Yet only in Japan version will be on sale when will be sold all over the world where it is not yet known.