The steam version of black desert online, a 50% discount on got


Black desert Online, its contents and met with brand new players with full patch, with discounts of Ramadan. To Steam the entire package at a special 50 percent discount at a discount to the players whose will be at night, Ramadan special prepared for the game along with the sky will have the pleasure of.

Black desert online 50% discount

For the first time in the world of game players who will see the moon and the stars in a night version, also will have special activities for Ramadan. Fun and profitable activities of each other besides black desert Online has been added to the game for the first time in the history of the 3 classes. The release of this patch with the Black Knight, Mystic characters and the striker, Turkey black desert Online ‘s servers will draw their own destiny, will have to be the most powerful in the world and going on different adventures. Own graphics engine the engine black desertwhich has become the most diverse and advanced of its kind, by using the game black desert online isreleased with the patches evolve and continues to expand. 3 class steam adds to the game especially after the announcement of the company than one with the moon and the stars sending a separate Hello Turkish players.

The experiment duration of 7 days to 14 days the issuing firm, the players on both Steam and offers many different activities on your own sites. These are the most notable 50 percent that will be applied in all the packages get a discount. The game on May 17 with the patch, that adds 3 different classes at the same time that black desert Online will come with the server through steam and normal special Olivia records, which was active to new users. In this way, new users up to level 55 you will play the game in a relaxed manner.

Discount the excitement began!

17 starting in May, June and up to 14 hours 02.59 upgrade all the packages, all payment methods to be effective in it is offering a 50 percent discount. The players of the game for the first time in Turkish history the Turkish flag in the sky to revive the game brings a whole new excitement to its users will bring together. Turkish players together again echoing the importance of this movement and support, the company together with the patch, again aims to conquer the hearts of the Turkish players. You can get a discount by going to the game’s steam page.

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