The staff of YouTube is fortnite E3 2 Turkish celebrities


More than 50 million players managed to be one of the most played games in the world with Fortnite, which will be held in the month of June at the E3 Expo event at preparing players to stand up to the unprecedented size and very fun.

Celebrities Mixed Match Fortnite

Epic Games, E3 hasn’t that never been done before 2018 Fortnite had recently announced that the game had. Fortnite Mixed named celebrities, this event brings in 50 people, two teams with talented players famous 50. Only one team can get a big victory this crazy match, very good will serve a purpose. Epic Games, game-the full to a charity of the winning team Designated $ 3 million will donate.

This amazing game between invitee broadcasts on Twitch who break the records Ninja, NBA player Paul George, actor Joel McHale, the Publisher, Markiplier YouTube, American wrestler Tyron Woodley has many famous names such as. Other business names who will take part in the event will be announced in the coming days. From Turkey Orkun Heating and Berkcan Trust’Wednesday day time 01.30 to participate in this great game you will be able to watch live online from 13 June to Turkey.

Fortnite Royale Party

In the evening of the same day, the players and the audience is waiting for a wild party. Invitation-only available celebrities that they admire the participants of this special party will have the chance to meet and selfie with the puller and publishers. Your path Fortnite’s, LA Convention Center,Booth 2723 falls in the invitation, if you could be one of the lucky people to win. For more information about E3 surprises fornite visit the address.

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Fortnite'ın E3 ünlüler kadrosunda 2 Türk Youtuber bulunuyor