The shooter side of the game is coming to steam Wingtiger EDF 4.1


Little-known and garipsenen earth Defense Force Series, it’s actually a very fun TPS (third person shooter) game known as. How the number of players is less in Western countries, although the earth Defense Force in Japan, the number of fans is really too much. The giant insects that attacked your city the basics of the game actually on the PS2‘s first time, so 2000 goes until the beginning of the year. Earth Defense Force 4.1 actually previously PS3 and Xbox 360 as earth Defense Force 2025 is currently on the market for a remastered form.

Wing driver?

Earth Defense Force 4.1 in their own special characters we can play a game that will be one of wingdiver it was stated earlier. Recently coming out with this side is the type of game, shoot’em up, or other matching which is a kind of bullet hell as it was defined. How much a reverse situation, though, the fans will still love it, and sturdy construction that will take you directly to the earth Defense Force will be one of.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: the shooter Wingtiger, April 26 on players on steam will be available. To see the images for the videos of the game and the steam page for the game can be found here.