The second part of the series adventures of Sonic Mania published


Sega, via youtube released the animated series “adventures of Sonic Mania“in the second part of the shared. Sonic Mania Adventures series consisting of five parts, and “Sonic Mania” and “Sonic Forces” video game series that contains stories from an animated series.

Sega released Sonic Mania’s YouTube animated series adventures from the new episode

After the events of the first two games of the array section in Angel Island‘rotating Sonic‘s was about to face a threat that opens holes around, of course, our bad character Eggman‘got an a animals stand by blank. The animated series Archie comicsSonic the hedgehog” comic book franchise recognized through the work of Hesse Tyson are written and managed. Also, YouTubein 15 millionmore than the viewing area “Sonic Mania” was the opening video is also made by Hesse.

Sonic Maniaof selling over a million copies throughout the world and publisher Sega‘s last financial year it was announced that a power to help you win. Also announced in the month of last March Mania Sonic plus the game will be released on July 17th, Plus Sonic Mania currently for pre-order open.