The restriction comes time to play League of Legends


League of Legends, which will soon come into clash mode, 5 on 5 with a tournament system. Are not made by the system users and their own team with any player of the match this mode also pre create they have to.

This mod via the official riot games website, transmitting details about when the thing that stands out the most is the game time system there was a change.

Players Clash in playing mode when the duration of the game 60.minutes when it exceeds, sudden death the game will automatically feature can activate. Reactivate this feature with minions, turrets, inhibitors and nexus, in a much easier manner, may be destroyed.

65. of the minute structures found in the game with the start themselves hurt , they start.

70. in minutes the game is automatically a forfeit a team will be the winner. But the team will be the winner of the game determines how riot in official documents is not given.

Is coming on 25 May

The highly anticipated Clash mode, 25 May will meet with players.

Players with their friends the ladder of success one step every week a new tournament mode where you can climb Friday, Saturday and Sunday is played.

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