The promotional trailer was released for the game World Tour Tennis


Breakpoint developed by bigben Interactive , which will be published by simulation that can be described as a Tennis – Tennis world tour for a promotional video came in.

A realistic career mode experience

One of the sports loving people that will represent the world of tennis, followed by Tennis World Tour, 30 incorporates a professional tennis player. To learn all the shots in the game, each surface type will be dominated by, and you will be able to have a realistic career experience.

The tennis World Tour career mode that you set in the game with your avatar enables you to challenge to become the best in the whole world. To do this, you must edit your form accordingly and both you and your program. Players take part in a tournament or Exhibition match on the sidelines while you struggle to relax or may prefer that, and it will be very important for this career to be effective on. For example, continuously or in the players in the world fighting back to back when they travel, fatigue level will rise, and this will elevate your risk of injury in addition to loss of performance.

The tennis World Tour, June 12 on PC will have a place in the market for.