The project was designed by the FAA flying taxi caught on obstructions uber


Uber taxi service which is expected to begin flying in 2020 and designed by the Project Board, the Federal Aviation obstacle you have run into.

The FAA thinks the shortcomings of the project

As you know, recently Uber taxi flying project designed by 2020 is to be used within the year of working on it we had heard. Today uber Federal Aviation flying taxi from the Board for the project, the bad news came. By 2020, the Federal Aviation flying in the sky to be seen for the project scheduled to begin taxi time on the project in this project a statement by the Board is insufficient and still more uber had been discovered missing.

Uber’s substantial investment to have the work done lately and is known for flying vehicles. Even Uber, the NASA control center that controls the traffic of flying cars will be provided for working on a project. Also Uber, 2020 until the date of Dallas and Dubai with flying taxi in the cities of the project indicated that it would begin to serve. Of course, now the Federal Aviation Board is prevented flying Taxi It is almost certain that the project will be postponed. Uber on the subject, yet didn’t make any comment.