The producer of the new game Arma series announced via Twitter


Thanks to the Arma series, battlefield is a tactical and realistic players who you invite into your Bohemia interactivenew games Twitter announced via. What if humanity falls with the title announcing new games, the team has not announced what will be in the game. Also posted in the image Inside Xbox to write drew attention. Very likely at E3 2018 , which will be shown at the Microsoft event at the game fair, it may be exclusive to the Xbox one. The next Operation Flashpoint series Arma series thanks to a tactical FPS Bohemia interactive living experience, that is why it is a very different game this time.

New game from the developers of the Arma series


— Bohemia interactive (@bohemiainteract) 6 June 2018

In the past years ravaged the video game world DayZ‘s post apocalyptic Bohemia interactive’s new game show a world out the front foot there’s talk he could. In fact, Fallout – style tactical military game development, the emergence of a new trend in popular fps and TPS games may provide.

In addition to all these, the Developer Team is working on a game that was based on that battle Royale again completely realistic elements have also been estimated. Let’s see what will be the new type of game? E3 2018 at the fair we’ll see.